“The jewel in the crown of Millionaire’s Row” goes on sale with virtual reality

By Kareni Zafra

Starting in 2020, the world changed and technology took on great relevance, to the point that now videos are crucial in the real estate industry to achieve sales. Such is the case of Multiplan Real Estate Asset Management, the developer behind 57 Ocean, located in the historic Millionaire’s Row in Miami Beach, who last year sending virtual reality glasses to a potential buyer in California, managed to finalize a sale for one million dollars, without the need for the buyer to visit the residence in person; made never seen before. 

That is why the company is betting big on the power of videos, the spectacular 57 Ocean penthouse goes on sale with a video that fuses reality with the virtual world. 

The video was produced by DBOX, an internationally awarded creative agency, and has a duration of an hour and a half where it exhibits the architectural value of the property of $ 38 million dollars. 

The video realistically captures the property’s best attributes, including a 360-degree view of the ocean, white beaches, and vibrant city from the 7,100-square-foot terraces, along with airy, sunny, and spacious decks. the home, designed by Sofia Joelsson of SofiaJoelsson Design. 

By viewing the video, shoppers can simulate walking the corridors of the 7,800-square-foot five-bedroom home, learning about private areas and six full bathrooms, through a personal guided tour showing the lifestyle and unique moments that They exemplify what daily life is like in the penthouse, like listening to the gentle breeze of the sea and the waves. In addition, shoppers are part of a candlelit dinner surrounded by the most spectacular hues of the sunset and experience first-hand what it is like to host under a star-studded sky in their social area without having to , physically, set foot in the penthouse. 

“Currently we are all living in a virtual world. The pandemic has had a profound effect on the psyche of shoppers, impacting their ability and willingness to travel. Just as supermarkets are facing a new reality with Instacart, and art fairs and boat shows are happening online, real estate is also experiencing a moment of transformation, ”says Marcelo Kingston, Managing Partner of Multiplan Real Estate Asset Management .

 “We have created a virtual desire to live on top of 57 Ocean, and we believe that only a video can truly embody that: living in the greatest luxury has no limits.” 

The penthouse, “is truly the jewel in the crown of Millionaire’s Row,” says Edgardo Defortuna, president and CEO of Fortune International Group, 57 Ocean’s exclusive broker. 

“There is nothing like it on the market in the area and we are excited to be able to innovate, introducing the world to the world for the first time in a virtual way. The home’s connection to the ocean is unmatched, and neither is the private resort feel at the epicenter of this quiet, family-friendly neighborhood. ” 

The project is the brainchild of José Isaac Peres, founder of Multiplan Real Estate Asset Management, and will be completed in 2021.

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