57 Ocean Building
Here, the cadence of the Atlantic sets the pace for a life lived in full.

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On the sands of Iconic Millionaire’s Row, Miami’s most beautiful and exclusive stretch of beachfront, sits 57 Ocean—a distinctive building housing just 71 residences that sparkles among its peers. Award-winning architectural firm Arquitectonica has partnered with world-class designers to create a residence that is in complete harmony with its surroundings. Every aspect of the design—including the use of materials, the soft undulating façade, the flow of its interiors—is in constant dialogue with the sea.

From the moment you arrive, the ocean beckons. Grand vertical gardens guide you from the porte-cochère through a double-height lobby awash in natural stone, past the pools and meditation gardens, straight to the sand. The transition has never been more seamless: from city, to home, to ocean.

Here, the cadence of the Atlantic sets the pace for a life lived in full.


Beach Lifestyle at 57 Ocean

On Collins Avenue, a dense array of indigenous plantings—from towering palms to sculptural green walls—create a sense of privacy and grandeur for those arriving home.

57 Ocean Building Front
Porte Cochere


Oceanfront Façade Facing East

Oceanfront Façade Facing East

A cantilevered glass canopy and lush vertical gardens greet homeowners as they pull up to the porte-cochère, where full-time valet service awaits to whisk cars to underground parking.

Flow-Through Lobby
Lifestyle at 57 Ocean Sales Gallery

At 57 Ocean, water is a source of well-being, inspiration and harmony.

57 Ocean Building Vignette
Well Being Inspiration at 57 Ocean

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